Heal & Detox

  • Yoni Detox Pearls

    A holistic approach to restoring feminine health and confidence. The pearls hold powerful herbs that aid in the removal of toxins from the vagina, that may be working against the overall health of the womb.

  • Yon Steaming Herbs

    Assists in regulating menstruation and aids to release toxins. This is used an alternative treatment to pharmaceutical drugs and prescriptions.

  • Yoni Steaming Seats

    Boil your herbs, put them in your steaming bowl & yoni steaming in the comfort of your own home!

About Us

Over the last 5 years Ronesha obtained an abundance of knowledge about crystals and herbal healing.
During this period, she found a new passion for natural healing! In January 2019, "Lovely Yonis" was born.

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What The Products Do

Ronesha decided to try yoni pearls during a period of intensive menstrual cycles that lasted over 3 weeks(on average)! For about 4 months the trend of heavy periods and long lengthy cycles continued. The doctor diagnosed her with PCOS and suggested weight loss as a remedy.
After trying the yoni pearls her cycle decreased from 16 to 5-7 days. In addition, her periods were not as heavy, and the cramps were not as bad! Thru her study she learned that V-steaming was powerful to balance her yoni. Once she noticed consistent results, she also started V-steaming.

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"Since starting my Yoni Pearls I've noticed a change in my menstrual flow. I am trying to get pregnant and I am excited to keep using these"
- Satisfied Lovely Yoni Customer
" I love the pearls along with the herbs, I am at the age of menopause and these have helped my PH balance. I highly recommend this product to all women."
- Happy Lovely Yonis Customer
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