Ronesha Whitfield a Cincinnati, Ohio native, is a licensed cosmetologist and professional Make Up Artist at Artistry by Ronnie. Over the last 5 years she obtained an abundance of knowledge about crystals and herbal healing. 

During this period, she found a new passion for natural healing! In January 2019,"Lovely Yonis was born.

Ronesha decided to try yoni pearls during a period of intensive menstrual cycles that lasted over 3 weeks(on average)! For about 4 months the trend of heavy periods and long lengthy cycles continued. The doctor diagnosed her with PCOS and suggested weight loss as a remedy. After trying the yoni pearls her cycle decreased from 16 to 5-7 days. In addition, her periods were not as heavy, and the cramps were not as bad! Thru her study she learned that V-steaming was powerful to balance her yoni. Once she noticed consistent results, she also started V-steaming. 

“I’ve learned in our culture we aren’t really educated on natural herbal healing. I want to share my knowledge and empower other women who experience the same issues as me. We can heal ourselves naturally. Our vaginas are a sacred place, you must embrace and nurture her in order to have a healthy yoni”.

"Inspiring women to appreciate, love and take care of their womb from the inside out!"